Candice Lynn Potter

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Candice Lynn Potter
Born 1973/02/21
Residence Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida
Nationality United States
Other names Candy Potter
Citizenship United States
Occupation Realtor
Organization Keller Williams
Known for Traffic violations, resisting arrest, mother of Joshua Conner Moon
Salary ?todo
Spouse(s) None
Children Joshua Conner Moon

Candice Lynn Potter (aliases include: Candy Potter)

Candice Lynn Potter is a former nurse and realtor living in Pensacola Florida. Of average appearance and life achievement, this single mother is notable only because she has the misfortune to be the mother of hated internet troll Joshua Conner Moon and financially supports him whilst he lives with her, enabling him to live at roughly $300 per month.

Early Life





Candice worked as a registered nurse for 18 years before she decided to become a realtor for Keller Williams. [1]

Criminal Record

Candice has had numerous traffic citations and also a prosecution for non-violently resisting arrest although the prosecution was dropped when she completed a diversion programme.

Victim of Harassment Due to Josh

Candice has been subject to significant online hostility due to the widespread hatred held for her son Joshua Conner Moon. Thanks to his website Kiwi Farms, which targets the vulnerable and disabled, she has been subject to shame and humilation, most recently a Josh / Candy incest fanfic competition held by the website Freechan (not linked).


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