Jaime Cassidy

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Jaime Cassidy
Born 07/05/1981 (35 years old)
Residence Huntington, New York Northport, New York (past)[1]
Nationality American
Other names Jaimas, DarkJaimas (pseudonyms)
Citizenship United States

Jaime Cassidy (online aliases: Jaimas, DarkJaimas) is a moderator of Kiwi Farms and a sysop of Lolcow Wiki.


Jaimas writes defamatory articles on people at Lolcow Wiki; he claims to have spent 16 hours on a draft of a single article.[2] Alongside other Lolcow Wiki sysops, if someone he has smeared or vilified tries to remove content from the wiki – he blocks them. The latter has resulted in Google UK de-indexing at least one Lolcow Wiki URL (from their search-engine) after receiving a legal removal request.[3]


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