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Welcome to the Kiwi Farms WIKI!

Kiwi Farms is a website that arbitrarily targets vulnerable people, celebrities and critics for trolling and obsessive stalking scrutiny. Mostly though, it targets the vulnerable and children. This website aims to scrutinise those responsible in a responsible journalistic way.

This WIKI (that anyone can edit!) is dedicated to ensuring permanent scrutiny and journalistic coverage of Kiwi Farms members in a respectful and scholarly fashion. The controversial site has spawned a whole host of dramas and events and we are dedicated to ensuring that no aspect of its participants real world lives goes without scrutiny in a manner similar to that of the Farms themselves.

Kiwi Farms targets not only individuals but whole families and because of this we intend to expand our scholarly scrutiny to the entire families of any identified Kiwi Farms members.

Key Pages

Users are invited to jump right in and get editing. As an example, we have some pages about the founder of the Kiwi Farms -

Kiwi Farms Critics

The Golden Rule

Users are reminded that this is a scholarly website. Whilst personal contact details, photographs and the names of employers or schools may be shared here, it is important to treat our subjects respectfully. There must be no harassment or incitement of it here. The Kiwi Farms WIKI is not responsible for what users do elsewhere or on other sites. In particular no home addresses, cell-phone or home landline numbers may be published without permission.

How to Sign Up?

Because of the endless and futile trolling by Kiwi Farmers, accounts are subject to approval. If you want to sign up, please drop an email to Matthew Hopkins News via their 'About' page here.